When to Use a Sit-to-Stand Lift

Sit to Stand Lifts Once a patient who requires standing support experiences the ease and convenience of a stand up lift or sit to stand lift, they'll wonder how they got along without one. A standing lift or stand assist lift becomes an invaluable part of their daily life and is also a great help to caregivers and family members dealing with patient mobility. Whether it's a standard, non-powered standing hoist or a more technologically advanced - battery operated, lightweight, and folding - portable unit, a standing lift is a must-have for patient transfers, supported walking and the completion of required daily activities like bathing, using the toilet, dressing and moving from a standing t

Ways to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable The human body wasn't meant to sit in a wheelchair all day, which must explain why it took so long for the wheelchair to finally get comfortable. Thank God for the 21th century and the invention of rubber, plastic, poly-stretch, electricity and everything else; rocketing the wheelchair into the echelon of comfort. It still takes a keen eye however to make the wheelchair perfectly comfortable despite all of these advances that are now standard on a wheelchair. Slight adjustments make a huge difference, as well as accessories you didn't even know existed. The thing about using a wheelchair fulltime is that it must be comfortable. You just c

How to Be Non-Weightbearing After Surgery

How to Be Non-weightbearing After Surgery So you’re considering foot or ankle surgery, and your orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist has said you’ll need to be non-weightbearing for a period of weeks after your procedure. What does non-weightbearing mean, and what options do you have for getting around? The term non-weightbearing, sometimes prescribed simply as N.W.B., refers to restrictions placed on you immediately after surgery. You will be advised to not put the surgically repaired foot on the floor. This typically means no weight whatsoever, not even for a second or two whether standing or seated. Why is touching the ground so bad after foot or ankle surgery? Most people cannot accurat

Why Is It So Hard To Get A Power Wheelchair or Scooter? T.V. Makes It Look Easy!

Many years ago Medicare realized that many Medicare patients and many Medicare suppliers were ripping off the Medicare program. To off set this Medicare increased the complexity of the documentation required from the physician to receive all mobility products. Have you ever noticed that adds on TV leave out this information? In order for Medicare to pay for such products legally all of the following issues must be addressed by the physician in a face to face visit in the physician progress notes: Please note, there are NO generic forms to be completed; NO fill-in-the-blanks. Medicare expects Power Mobility Device evaluations to be documented in your own record-keeping format. Not only d







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