Top 6 Reasons Why Wheelchairs Make a Great Gift this Christmas

The Christmas season is filled with excitement and the joy of gift giving. Many people have a family member or a friend who is in need of a wheelchair and might be thinking that this is the best gift of all. Wheelchairs provide the user with a variety of benefits and here are the top six reasons why wheelchairs make great Christmas gifts: Better Mobility – Your loved one who needs either their first wheelchair or a new wheelchair, has most likely been experiencing limitations in their daily life. Gifting them a wheelchair will allow them to reclaim their mobility. This means they will be able to independently go shopping, visit malls, explore parks, attend movie theaters, reconnect with fr

20 years of Star!

20 years of Star! by Starcushion on June 25, 2015 in Uncategorized Star Cushion Products, Inc. is happily entering into its 20th year! Star was founded in June of 1995, and we moved into our current facility, in Freeburg, IL, in 2003 (ribbon cutting below). Thank you to all of our end users, ATPs, therapists, representatives, DMEs, facilities, clinics, etc for supporting Star Cushion over the years!







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