Elegance™ Platinum

Ultra lightweight wheelchair frame with a premium combination of adjustability and seating support

The premium offering in the Elegance portable wheelchair line, the Breezy® Elegance Platinum includes the highest level of seating support and adjustability.  For those looking for the very best in mobility, the Elegance Platinum is available exclusively at our Premium Retailers. -

Starting from:

$ 899

Elegance™ Gold

Ultra lightweight wheelchair frame enhanced for increased adjustability, control, and comfort

Breezy® Elegance Gold folding wheelchair offers increased adjustability and control, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy activities without hassles or discomfort.  The Elegance Gold is available exclusively at our Premium Retailers

Starting from:

$ 699

Elegance™ Silver

Ultra lightweight wheelchair frame, cushion, and back upholstery designed for comfort and ease of use

The Breezy® Elegance Silve provides comfort, support, and security for you and your loved ones.  Available exclusively at our Premium Retailers, the Elegance Silver folding wheelchair offers superior quality at a comfortable price.



Starting from:

$ 499

Breezy Elegance:  Where Comfort is Standard