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385 Shower Commode Chair

BRODA’s CS 385 Shower Commode Chair provides exceptional comfort with both tilt and recline positioning. It is designed for users who are caregiver dependent for their shower and commode needs. BRODA’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides patient comfort, and ease of cleaning within the shower environment.


Featuring infinitely adjustable positioning of up to 12° adjustable posterior tilt, 10° of anterior tilt (for patient sit/stand assist), and up to 67° of back recline, the CS 385 provides unsurpassed safety and comfort, for patient security and dignity. Caregivers also benefit from the range of positioning, as the full elevating legrest fully supports the patient’s legs while showering, while the back recline assists with washing the patient’s hair and accessing difficult to reach areas.


The CS 385 is extremely durable and cost effective with stainless steel frame, casters, gas springs and fasteners to help prevent rusting. Strategically placed drainage holes help prevent water from pooling


Offering unsurpassed benefits for both patients and caregivers, the CS 385 is ideal for:


Recommended for:

  • Improved patient comfort and security

  •  Fall prevention

  • Long term sitting (with exceptionally soft and comfortable 4-way stretch commode seat)

  •  Infection control conscious environment

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