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foam wedge

Foam Bed Wedge

Can be Used to Elevate your Head, Feet or Legs• Comes in White or Blue Cover• Three Sizes Available. Great For Acid Reflex, GERD, COPD, Eases Breathing

leg wedge

Leg Wedge

Improves Circulation• Helps Relax the Back• Aids in Respiratory Functions• Comes in Cotton Cover• Available in Three Sizes

bed wedge

Body Positioner

Ideal for lying on your sideHelps maintain body alignment.Can be used in a variety of waysUnder knee, foot, leg or back

foam wedge

Fleece Wedge

• Ideal for Head, Feet or Legs• Aides in Easier Breathing and Sleeping Conditions• Relieves Discomfort and Stiffness • Helps Circulation• Provides Proper Alignment of Spine, Hips and Knees• Great Sleep Aid• Comes in Comfortable Fleece Cover• Available in 2 sizes

foam wedge

5 Position Wedge

• 2 Pieces Creates 5 Different Positions• Made of the Finest Grade Foam Material• Great for Sitting or Sleeping• Makes Breathing Easier• Entirely Covered with Washable Zipper Covers

foam wedge

Knee Back Wedge

• Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 18”• Helps relieve the symptoms of Phlebitis, Varicose Veins, Lower Back Pain and Swollen Knees• Keeps Knees in a Restful Position as it Gently Elevates• Contours to Fit under Knees

knee wedge

Knee Spacer

Designed to ease pain especially in the back, leg, hip and knee, the Knee Spacer by Allman.  Gently Elevates Legs in a Comfortable PositionHelps Ease Back PainImproves Circulation. Great for use after hip surgery.

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