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Patient/client Bill of Rights

As a patient/client of Team HomeCare, you have rights which include, but are not limited to the following:1. To be given information about your rights for receiving home care services. 2. To receive a timely response from Team HomeCare regarding your request for home care services. 3. To be given information about Team HomeCare policies, procedures, and charges for services. 4. To choose your own home care providers. 5. To be given appropriate and professional quality home care services without discrimination against your race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or age. 6. To be treated with courtesy and respect by all who provide home care services to you. 7. To be free from physical and mental abuse and or neglect. 8. To be given proper identification by name and title of everyone who provide home care services to you. 9. To be given the necessary information to be able to give informed consent for services. 10. To be given complete and current information concerning you diagnosis, treatment, alternatives, risk and the prognosis as by your physician in terms and language you can be reasonably expected to understand. 11. A plan of service that will be developed to meet your unique service needs, and to participate in its development. 12. To be given an assessment and update of the development plan of service. 13. To review your clinical records at your request. 14. To voice a grievance and or suggest changes without being threatened, restrained, or discriminated against. 15. To refuse treatment and given information concerning the consequences of refusing treatment. 16. To have an advance directive for medical care, such as a living will or the designation of a surrogate decision maker, respected to the extent provided by law. 17. To participate in the consideration of ethical issues that may arise in your care.Patient/Client ResponsibilitiesTeam HomeCare and its personnel have the right to expect from you, our patient, your relatives and friends, reasonable behavior which takes into consideration the nature of your illness or predicament.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. To give accurate and complete health information concerning your past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, allergies and other pertinent information about you . 2. To assist in developing and maintaining a safe environment. 3. To inform us when you are not able to keep a home care visit. 4. To adhere to your developed/undated home care plan of service/treatment. 5. To request further information concerning anything you do not understand. 6. To contact your doctor whenever you notice a change in your health during your plan of treatment /service. 7. To contact us whenever you experience a problem or have a question about your equipment. 8. To contact us whenever there is a change in your treatment by your physicians. 9. To contact us whenever you are hospitalized. 10. To contact us prior to any change of address. 11. To contact us if you acquire an infectious disease except where exempt by law. 12. To cooperate with our representative in resolving any problems which may arise

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