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Full Face Mask


bipap mask

Item Number:

Sapphire Full Face w/ Headgear


Pkg Size:1

Unit Size:1


Sizes:  Small, Med, Large

Many other Styles and Brands Available

Roscoes Sapphire CPAP Masks have an advanced mask design with a unique 3D cushion that forms an excellent seal and provides patients with superior comfort while protecting the skin from pressure points and irritations. It is both removable and replaceable. The innovative angle-adjustment forehead support has five levels of adjustment to meet a patients individual needs and provide the best fit possible. The soft silicone pad contours to the forehead keeping the mask in place and stable throughout the night. The lightweight, quick-release headgear eliminates the need for constant adjustment.

  • size: Large

  • Lightweight advanced design ensures maximum comfort and compliance.

  • Smaller facial footprint.

  • Soft 3D cushion mask technology provides for an effective, yet comfortable seal. Cushions are removable and replacements are available.

  • Innovative angle adjustable forehead pad has five levels of adjustment for the best fit possible

  • Quick-release headgear with Velcro® fasteners allows for easy removal and eliminates the need for constant adjustment.

  • Quiet air vent minimizes noises so patients are not disturbed during the night.

  • Comes complete with frame, 3D cushion, adjustable forehead pad, headgear, clips, and user manual with care instructions.

  • Latex-free

  • Sold as each

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