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The Fastest Healing TimeThe Pep Bed (Ultra BiliLight Model 2000) heals infants faster than any other phototherapy equipment on the market today – including double-banked hospital units.The American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn recommends “intensive phototherapy” for higher bilirubin babies – as defined by:

1) high light irradiance;

2) as much of baby’s skin surface area as possible.

The PEP Bed delivers this “intensive phototherapy” better than any other device and provides up to 12-times more Phototherapy Treatment Units than other devices.The PEP Bed usually treats jaundiced infants within 24-48 hours – others may take up to six days. Clinicians can confidently treat higher bilirubin babies at home or in hospital with the PEP Bed.

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photo therapy
photo therapy
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