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Many people in America are now opting to rent or buy hospital beds for themselves and their family members after they have had a loved one stay in the hospital. These beds are not just for those who are sick or recovering from surgery, they are for anyone who needs assistance with lifting themselves out of bed. For those who require hospital beds in the home, there are many benefits that come with this type of situation. Quality Team Home Care is here to help you find the best bed suitable for you or your loved one’s health issues.

Advantages of a Hospital Bed in the Home

* Curtail Physical Stress - The care-giving community often includes family members, friends, and the staff of home health facilities. As a result, caregivers can suffer from increased levels of stress as they take on numerous caregiving responsibilities. This usually includes lifting and helping a person in and out of bed. These actions can cause pain and injury to the assistant as well as the patient. With a hospital bed in the home, the carers will have an easier time because our selection of beds includes electric and semi-electric. This means they are adjustable, so there is no need to strain the muscles of the back or arms. It helps the caregiver keep a more comfortable position during work, by allowing them to support the patient easily, in and out of bed, without putting their own body at risk.

* Comfort of Home - It is crucial for those with recovery or mobility problems to get proper sleep. In the hospital, patients are provided with a comfortable, reliable place to rest while receiving care. In an effort to continue this comfort at home, many individuals purchase or rent a hospital bed for their own bedroom. Many times, patients will feel more comfortable in their own surroundings rather than in a traditional hospital environment, which could lead to faster healing rates.

* Safety First - Patients can have difficulty repositioning themselves in bed. Also, without bed rails, the risk of them falling out of bed is high. This is especially important in older adults who may find it difficult to get up and down, and who often experience sleep deprivation and restless nights. Bed rails provide an audible warning if the patient tries to get up or move around during the night, and can be used for patients with or without mobility issues. Bed rails on hospital beds in the home can help patients with turning and feeling a sense of security.

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Overall, those who are bedridden or those that experience chronic pain may find relief in the benefits of hospital beds at home. Having this item will alleviate limitations or restrictions individuals might have. As a caregiver for a loved one, it is important to know there are options for people you care about. You can discover a variety of affordable medical equipment we carry, geared for home use, when you visit us online. We are at Or you can call our main number at 661-327-5500 for more information from our knowledgeable staff.


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