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Top 6 Reasons Why Wheelchairs Make a Great Gift this Christmas

The Christmas season is filled with excitement and the joy of gift giving. Many people have a family member or a friend who is in need of a wheelchair and might be thinking that this is the best gift of all. Wheelchairs provide the user with a variety of benefits and here are the top six reasons why wheelchairs make great Christmas gifts:

  • Better Mobility – Your loved one who needs either their first wheelchair or a new wheelchair, has most likely been experiencing limitations in their daily life. Gifting them a wheelchair will allow them to reclaim their mobility. This means they will be able to independently go shopping, visit malls, explore parks, attend movie theaters, reconnect with friends, and so much more!

  • Boost in Self-Esteem – Once your loved one reclaims their mobility and independence, they are able to gain pride and self-esteem. They rely on others less to help them do everyday activities, and this makes them feel good about themselves.

  • Travel Opportunities – Providing your loved one with a wheelchair is like handing them the world to explore. Whether they choose to travel near or far, is up to them. Airlines, cruise ships, and train companies, worldwide, all have accommodations which make them wheelchair-accessible.

  • Increased Safety – Giving your loved one a wheelchair, albeit a manual wheelchair, a power wheelchair, or even a power scooter, encourages them to be safe at home and in their communities. It reduces their risk of falling, alleviates pain and stress associated with difficulties in walking, and it gives them reassurance that, in the case of an emergency, they will be able to get where they need to go. Furthermore, sometimes receiving a wheelchair as a gift helps users to become more accepting of the idea of using a wheelchair. While they might be too proud to get a wheelchair for themselves, they might be receptive to using one if they receive it as a gift. A power scooter is the perfect gift for someone who needs extra help in getting around, but doesn't want to look disabled by relying on a very "medical" looking device.

  • It is not just another gift - Many people do not need or want more "stuff" for Christmas; they need something that will be practical and have applications in their everyday lives. And a wheelchair just might fit the bill!

  • Price –Your love one may not be able to afford a wheelchair or scooter on their own. And sometimes, qualifying for a wheelchair through insurances can be difficult and daunting for them. Most medical equipment companies have sales on certain chairs during the Christmas season, so it's the perfect time of year to help your loved one with the gift of a wheelchair. ​

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